10 Future Technologies that Already Exist

It never Feels like we are living in future, because the future Hollywood movies promised us, is not a reality yet. But there are futuristic technologies that seem like something pulled straight from a science fiction movie. The only difference is that these ten technologies are actually real. It’s hard to believe that technology that seems to be from the next century could exist today. Here is the list of 10 such futuristic technologies that actually exists.

10 –Cloaking Devices

Cloaking Device

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From cloaking devices that conceal spaceships, to Harry Potter’s hand-me-down disappearing blanket. Cloaking devicesare already a reality. Scientists in UK have been able to make a paper clip invisible by use of meta materials. This is another addition to the 10 future technologies that already exist.

9 –Hover cars

Hover cars

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Hover cars have always been considered too futuristic. People believe that it’s impossible to have cars that can fly and we are happy with thinking of them as part of movies or documentaries. Israeli scientists have been able to create unmanned battle vehicles for army evacuations.Volkswagen, which translates to “people’s car” in English, challenged China residents to submit their ideas of what the car of the future should look like. The Hover Car is a two-seater zero emissions vehicle that hovers above ground and travels along electromagnetic road networks.

8 –Human Organ Printing

Human Organ Printing

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Human Organ Printing is one of the latest advancements in medical industry of today’s world. With the help of current Bioprinting technology, it is possible to create artificial human organs with 3D-Printing tech. Scientists have been able to print artificial arteries. The heart, lungs and other organs will soon follow.

7 –Thought controlled prosthetics

Thought controlled prosthetics

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Researchers from the University of Utah have developed a mind-controlled robotic hand that can simulate 100 unique touch sensations in the user’s brain. Thought controlled prosthetics is one of the amazing inventions that nobody believes we have been able to realize yet.

6 – Dynamically stable Quadruped Robots

 Quadruped Robots

Photo credit:newsweek

Dynamically stable four legged robots resemble four legged animals that can run or walk. This amazing invention can revolutionize the way we carry stuff from one place to other. We need not just imagine the possible benefits of this invention now. Boston and Harvard scientists have been able to create such for legged robots.

5 –Hologram TVs

Hologram TV

Photo credit:wired

It is told that holographic TV will replace the 3D TV and became the next generation of TV tablets. When sony’s holographic TV display become a reality, it’s still unclear what the overall image quality would be like. We all Were amazed by hologram TVs that we see in Hollywood movies. We looked at them in wonder and believed that they are something our grandchildren will enjoy. However, we need not despair.

4 – Curing Blindness

Curing Blindness

Photo credit:brightside

Technology is alleviating many of the hardships associated with blindness—and has the promise of ending it altogether. This is a scientific promise being made to all the blind people of the world. However, we all think that science is still far behind the fulfilment of this promise. However, scientists in Germany have already been able to create retinal implants that allow blind people to see.

3 – Wireless Power
Wireless Power

Photo credit:pcmag

Unless you are particularly organized and good with tie wrap, you probably have a few dusty power cord tangles around your home. We are all fed up with devices that need to be constantly charged with a real charger that we need to carry around. The inconvenience of this necessity has given rise to desire amongst people to see a wireless charger. People don’t think that this is available today. However, this is one of the ten future technologies that already exist.

2 –Iron Man

Iron Man

Photo credit:Kidskunst

Stark’s innovations have inspired others to don similar metal suits for various reasons. Scientists have been able to invent such exoskeletons already, which can now be made available to general public, very soon. Now you can be a real Tony Stark and create your own Iron Man suit with fiberglass.

1 – Force Fields

Force Field

Photo credit:gmanetwork

The multinational corporation “Boeing” has been granted a patent for a real life force field-like defense system that is reminiscent of the Trekkie tech most famous for keeping Enterprise safe from phaser blasts and photon torpedoes. The army definitely covets this one thing from among the 10 future technologies that already exist.

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