10 Simple Things That Most People Can’t Do

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Everyone has a unique body structure. You may have seen your friends doing weird stuff with their bodies. While some people turn their disabilities into their abilities. Here are 10 things that only a few people in the world can do.

10 –Move the Finger

ring finger

Photo credit:The Wonderlist

Bend your middle finger and put your hand on a flat surface, with the middle part of that finger pressed flat. Try to move your thumb. Next, move your index finger, and next to the ring finger. Can you move it? If you can then You’re in the 1% club.

9 –Lick Your Elbow

lick your elbow

Photo credit:all-funny

We’ve already talked about this on our Instagram page. 90% of the people cannot lick their elbow. This challenge has to happen in normal conditions, and if you are a yoga guru then this would be a piece of cake for you.

8 –Talking while Breathing


Photo credit:Discover and learn

This one is more difficult than it looks. Try to breathe in through your nose while you are talking. It’s difficult, huh? Only some musicians are known to have this ability.

7 –Raise an Eyebrow

Raise an eyebrow

Photo credit:Interactive investor

Facial expressions are the most prominent way to describe your emotional state and to express yourself. While there are many facial expressions that only some people can do. There’s one facial expression that we all have tried at some point in our life, well at least I’ve tried it. The majority of people find it hard to raise one eyebrow without raising the other. Try it out for yourself!

6 –Nose and Toungue

Touch nose with tongue

Photo credit:answersingenesis

Ever saw someone with a long tongue and wondered if they can touch their nose with that tongue or not. Well, the ability to touch the nose tip with the tongue is called ‘Gorlin Sign’. And only 10 % of the global population can do this.

5 –Tickle Yourself

Tickle Yourself

Photo credit:Daily Mail

Are you ticklish too, and sometimes get heckled by friends and get tickled just because they think your laugh is funny? Doesn.t matter how ticklish you are it’s just impossible to tickle yourself. Don’t believe us, Go ahead and try. Your brain controls this, as it can predict the sensations that it will feel as a result of your tickling attempts.

4 –Sneezing With Eyes Open

Sneezing cure

Photo credit:Regardpost

There is an old theory that if you sneeze with your eyes open your eyes will pop out, just like many adages this also isn’t true. Cranial nerves link the nose and the eyes. Because of this, when you sneeze, you automatically close your eyes — well, most people do. So it is also impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

3 –Folding Tongue

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Photo credit:Daily Mail

Folding your tongue in half is somewhat common but not every person on Earth can do it. Some people are capable of doing even stranger tricks. This can involve folding your tongue in thirds.

2 –Two Things at Once


Photo credit:Daily Mail

This ability can increase your productivity by doing two things at once. Our brain is capable of doing two things at once and performs more than two tasks at once. But Performing two tasks physically, for example, writing with both hands at the same time is nearly impossible for most people. Only 1% of the world population can perform this task.

1 –Hold Your Breath

Breath hold

Photo credit:Fox News

This one sits at the top because it’s a very rare talent. Everyone can hold their breath for a few seconds. But there are people in this world who can hold it for minutes. There’s a world record made by Tom Sietas for holding his breath underwater for 22 minutes and 22 seconds. Tell us in the comment section if you can do any of these impossible tasks.