Top 10 countries that could DISAPPEAR

Below are the 10 countries the author believes will disappear from world’s map in the next two decades and how that will happen.

10 – SPAIN


Spain, which has been a unified country for 600 years, is “teetering on the verge of collapse” because of a crushing economic crisis and secessionist movements, according to the claims. The regions of Basque and Catalonia, the latter home to Spain’s second biggest city Barcelona, both want increased autonomy from the central government in Madrid with the ultimate aim of becoming autonomous states. But progress has been made in recent years with the armed terrorist group ETA, which was fighting for independence for the Basque region, agreeing to lay down its weapons in 2011. Spain is also facing a horrendous economic depression, with a quarter of young people out of work and many others facing deepening poverty.


north korea

According to the video brutal dictator Kim Jong-Un will be forced to loosen his grip on power over the next two decades because his country is being left behind by technological advancements. It claims that the reclusive state “simply does not have enough enough resources within its borders to survive the 21st century” and will have to open up to trade with China and the West as a result. They conclude: “When North Korea finally does open up its borders to the rest of the world, it’s probable that the Kim regime won’t be able to survive.” Despite the assertions, there is no evidence to suggest that the unhinged Kim will look to strengthen his nation’s international relations. In recent years he has reacted increasingly erratically and violently towards the West, whilst also purging all opponents within his Workers’ Party to solidify his grip on power.



Belgium is another country that may fall apart within the next few years because it’s citizens are “deeply divided along ethnic lines”, according to the author. They refer to the two distinct regions of the country – Flanders and Wallonia – which boast vastly divergent cultures and even speak different languages. There are some on both sides of the debate who want Belgium to split into two separate countries, and in 2013 the country went 589 days without a government because opposing politicians could not agree on forming a coalition. “In the next 20 years Belgium may fracture creating two new countries in Europe Flanders and Wallonia.” UKIP leader Nigel Farage previously sparked controversy by calling Belgium a “non-country” and predicting that it will break up.



The author of the video openly admits that the inclusion of China – which emerged as a unified country in 2,070 B.C, is the “most surprising” on the list. But they believe that China’s serious environmental problems, including choking smog and poisonous drinking water, could lead to a revolution against the entrenched Communist government. Half of China’s rivers are so badly polluted that their waters are unsuitable for human consumption even after treatment, whilst 250,000 people die prematurely because of smog every year according to the World Bank. China has virtually no history of secessionist movements except in areas it has conquered, such as Tibet, so it is unclear along which lines the author believes the country would split. The narrator dramatically states: “Despite having the largest military in the world and one of the most powerful economies china has deep seated problems they must address in order to survive the 21st century. “Disaster may just be around the corner for China.”



ISIS jihadis control much of the west of the country and the Kurds hold the north, leaving the internationally recognised government entrenched in its southern strongholds. The author believes Iraq will end up splitting into three separate countries along tribal lines, as it was before the nation was created by the British “with absolutely no regard for the cultural divides of the region”. They state: “Saddam Hussein was able to keep Iraq together through oppression and brute force but Now the country is quickly falling apart at the seams. “In order for Iraq to once again be unified…the Sunnis, Kurds and Shiites will have to agree to live under one nation again. However it’s more likely that these groups will choose to be separate each under their own flags.”



Libya, like Iraq, is an “artificial creation of a colonial era” according to the narrator. The former Italian colony was held together by ruthless dictator Mummer Gadaffi before David Cameron decided to help depose him, sparking a bloody civil war. The north African state is now falling apart, with fighters reverting back to their tribal instincts which could see Libya join Iraq by fracturing into three distinct nations. The author says: “The second Libyan civil war is currently ongoing but is likely a unified Libya will not survive the conflict. “


islamic state

The most controversial entry on the list because the so-called Islamic State is not a recognised country. The author states that the growing list of enemies both fighting the jihadis on the ground and bombing them from the skies means their so-called Caliphate is unlikely to survive much longer. But he fails to mention the contribution of the Russians – drawing criticism from some commenters – as he rattles off ISIS’ opponents across the world. Last week British jets joined a growing US-led coalition in bombing the terrorists in their Syrian heartland in and around Raqqa. The author states: “In order for the Islamic State to survive it must either defeat or make peace with Iraq, Kurdistan, the Syrian government, the Free Syrian Army, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the US-led coalition. Until then the Islamic State’s survival will be under constant threat.”


united kingdom

The video references last year’s Scottish independence referendum and burgeoning national movements in Wales and Northern Ireland as causes for concern over the future of the UK. The author states that the Scots – who voted by 55% to 45% to stay in the union – “won’t give up their quest for independence so easily”. They also say there are “simmering movements” in Wales and Northern Ireland – which both have their own parliaments – which could eventually lead to full autonomy. They state: “If any of these regions were to gain autonomy from the UK it’s possible that the union may fall apart.”



In one of the fascinating suggestions, the author claims that world’s most powerful nation could break apart within the next 20 years. They reference the deeply felt north-south divide between the different states of America which has been entrenched since the civil war which led to the unification of the country. The narrator says that Alaska and Texas are the two states most likely to leave the union, but adds that others could follow. They warn: “Many of the divisions that caused the civil war in the US still exist to this day. If these deep-rooted political and cultural differences within the US aren’t rectified, it’s possible some states could break free within the next 20 years.”



The most likely of the 10 predictions to actually occur, according to experts. Scientists have long warned that the paradise island state – a popular tourist destination for Britons – will soon be reclaimed by the oceans due to rising sea levels caused by global warming. The former president of the predominantly Muslim nation even looked into buying land in neighbouring South Asia to rehome his people when the inevitable happens, so imminent is the country’s impending doom. The author states: “The island nation of Maldives is in extreme danger of sinking due to rising sea levels.”

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