10 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

There are some roads in the world that are considered the most dangerous places to drive. From winding mountain passes to hazardous coastal roads, these ten roads have earned their reputation for danger due to treacherous terrain, extreme weather, and other unexpected hazards. Here are the 10 most dangerous roads in the world, starting from 10 to 1.

10- Skippers Canyon Road

Location: New Zealand

10 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

Photo Credit: NZ Herald

Skippers Canyon Road is an infamous stretch of road in New Zealand’s South Island. It is renowned for its steep drops and precarious turns, making it one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The road was formed in the late 1800s, when miners carved a path through the treacherous landscape in search of gold. The road is narrow, winding and treacherous, with sharp turns and steep drops that can catch the unwary driver off-guard. It is also prone to landslides and flooding during heavy rains.

Safety precautions, such as guardrails and markers, have been installed in some sections, but the road remains a challenging and potentially lethal endeavor for drivers. Due to its dangerous nature, drivers must be licensed and experienced in order to navigate the road safely. Despite its dangers, Skippers Canyon Road is a popular attraction for tourists and thrill-seekers, who flock to the area for its spectacular views and unique driving experience.

9- Karakoram Highway

Location: Pakistan

10 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

The Karakoram Highway is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It stretches across the Himalayas, connecting China and Pakistan. The highway is a treacherous mix of narrow passes, high elevations, and unpredictable weather. Its winding roads, lack of guardrails, and frequent landslides make it a dangerous journey. It’s one of the world’s highest paved roads, with an elevation of up to 4,693 meters. The road is frequently blocked by snow, making it difficult to traverse. Its steep slopes and tight turns make it difficult for drivers to navigate.

The highway is also prone to rock slides and avalanches, which can be deadly. Heavy fog and poor visibility add to the danger. Despite the risks, the Karakoram Highway remains an important route for trade and transportation. Its scenic beauty and breathtaking views make it a popular destination for adventure seekers. Despite its dangers, the Karakoram Highway remains an important part of the region’s history.

8- Guoliang Tunnel Road

Location: China

10 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

The Guoliang Tunnel Road is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Measuring 1.2 kilometers long, it was carved into a cliffside by local villagers in the 1970s. This dangerous mountain passage curves along the side of a cliff and is only five meters wide. The walls are not even and the road is littered with dangerous rocks and boulders. The tunnel has no guard rails and the steep drop offs are incredibly dangerous. It has many sharp turns, including some that are only a meter long. The tunnel has no artificial lighting and the darkness can be disorienting.

The road is also known for its strong winds, which can blow vehicles off course. During periods of heavy rainfall, the road can become slick and treacherous. In addition, the tunnel has very poor air quality, making it hard to breathe. Despite its dangers, the Guoliang Tunnel Road is a popular tourist destination. With careful driving and caution, it can be a thrilling and memorable experience.

7- Atlantic Road

Location: Norway

10 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

Photo Credit: Forbes

Driving along Atlantic Road is an adventure of a lifetime. The 8.3 kilometer stretch of road is known for its spectacular views and dangerous curves. Along the way, drivers experience 11 hairpin turns, 8 bridges, and 3 causeways. The Atlantic Road, which is located in Norway, is famous for its rollercoaster-like waves and unpredictable weather conditions. The road is also known to be quite narrow, allowing only one car at a time. This makes driving along the Atlantic Road a thrilling yet nerve-wracking experience. The views of the open sea, towering mountains, and small fishing villages are simply stunning. Despite its beauty and popularity, the Atlantic Road is a dangerous road to traverse. Drivers must remain vigilant and drive with caution when navigating the sharp curves and sudden storms. Careful driving is essential in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey along the Atlantic Road.

6- North Yungas Road

Location: Bolivia

10 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

Photo Credit: How Stuff Works

North Yungas Road is a dangerous road full of treacherous curves, steep cliffs and fog. Its nickname, “The Road of Death,” is well-deserved. The narrow, single-lane road is only 3 meters wide and has no guardrails or safety barriers. Fog often limits visibility and the occasional rains make the road even more dangerous. The road has claimed hundreds of lives and continues to be a major threat to travelers. Its hairpin curves, along with the high altitude and narrow lanes, make it extremely difficult to maneuver. Rocks and landslides can also make the road impassable at times. The combination of these factors makes this road one of the most hazardous in the world. Despite its dangers, North Yungas Road remains a popular tourist destination, attracting thrill seekers and adventurers. Despite the risks, travelers must take precautions before venturing onto this treacherous road.

5- Zoji La Pass

Location: India

10 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

Photo Credit: The Kashmir Press

Zoji La Pass is an extremely treacherous mountain pass located in the western Himalayas, connecting the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir with its northern neighbour, Ladakh. Its winding, narrow roads make it a difficult journey, often fraught with danger. Rocks, landslides and snowfall can present major obstacles for drivers. In addition, the pass reaches a height of over 11,000 feet, making it a difficult climb for vehicles. Its high altitude means that the air is thin and temperatures are low, making it a challenging experience. Despite its risks, the pass is an important connection for trade and transportation between the two regions, and remains open throughout the year.

4- James W. Dalton Highway

Location: U.S.A

10 Most Dangerous Roads in The World

Photo Credit: Escape

The James W. Dalton Highway is infamous for its treacherous roads. Spanning 414 miles through Alaska’s wilderness of tundra, mountains, and forests, the highway is notorious for its extremely isolated and dangerous conditions. With its extreme weather, wildlife, and limited resources, even the most experienced drivers should be wary of traversing the highway. It is advised to travel the highway only during the day and with a full tank of gas. The road is lined with no guardrails and deep ditches, making it easy to lose control of a vehicle when not paying attention.

Drivers should also be aware of the wildlife that inhabit the area, such as moose, caribou, and bears. There is also limited cell phone service along the highway, so it is recommended to bring a satellite phone in case of an emergency. In addition, the highway is so remote that it can take hours for help to arrive in the event of an accident. It is clear why the James W. Dalton Highway has earned its reputation as a treacherous stretch of road.

3- Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road

Location: United Arab Emirates

Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road winds through the rocky cliffs of the United Arab Emirates. It is a challenging yet rewarding drive that is packed with twists and turns. The road is 7.3 miles long and rises to 4,000 feet, with 11 hairpin bends along the way. Drivers must be prepared for sudden changes in visibility due to the sharp turns and winding roads. The elevation provides spectacular views that span the UAE and Oman. But these views come with a cost – the Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road is known for its dangerous roads. The roads are narrow and the bends are sharp, making it easy to lose control and fly off the edge of the mountain. Drivers must remain vigilant and drive safely in order to navigate the Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road safely.

2- Trans-Siberian Highway

Location: Russia

The Trans-Siberian Highway is one of the world’s most dangerous roads. Spanning over 5,000 miles, the highway winds through rugged, isolated terrain and extreme weather conditions. It is a treacherous journey for even the most experienced drivers, who must be prepared for the risk of avalanches, mudslides, and flooding. The roads are often bumpy, unpaved, and unmarked, leaving drivers vulnerable to hazards. Moreover, the highway is prone to extreme temperatures, from sub-zero winter conditions to scorching summer heat. Finally, the lack of guardrails and poor visibility at night can make the highway a very dangerous journey. All in all, the Trans-Siberian Highway is a road that should be approached with caution and preparation.

1- BR-116

Location: Brazil

Driving along Brazil’s BR-116 can be a harrowing experience. Cars weave in and out of lanes, often without warning. Drivers speed and tailgate, making it difficult to merge or switch lanes. Unpredictable weather conditions, such as heavy rain or fog, can make visibility poor. Poorly maintained roads and careless drivers create a hazardous environment. The shoulder of the highway is not safe either, as it is often littered with potholes, debris, and even animals.

At night, the lack of lighting makes it difficult to see ahead. Furthermore, there are often no guardrails or other safety barriers. All of this makes BR-116 a particularly dangerous road. Despite the risks, it is still necessary for many to use the highway. Awareness of the risks and extra caution when driving can help reduce the danger. It is also important to take regular breaks and to drive only when well-rested. Finally, it is essential to have an emergency plan in place in case of an accident.

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