10 Best Countries to Visit in Winter

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Winter is coming and it’ll come with its chilly winds, snow, and a long list of festivals that are celebrated across the globe. Paradise is not always a sandy beach. For me, the official vision of holiday perfection involves swaying palm trees and burning hot sun, but travel doesn’t always have to be that way. Many different places offer many different adventures that are only enjoyable during the winter. So for the snow and the winter lovers, we made a list of 10 such countries where you can plan your next visit.

10 –New Zealand

winter in New Zealand

Photo credit:Newzealand

Unlike any other country’s winter, the winter in New Zealand starts a little early in July. Images of snow-capped and snow-covered mountains in New Zealand have become all too familiar and the hallmark of especially the South Island of New Zealand. Winter in New Zealand is also bungee jumping and jet-boating, it is winery visits and whale-watching trips, rugby matches and spectacular road trips.

9 –Japan

japan in winter

Photo credit:Favy

Japan is a wonderful country and there’s no doubt about that. But talking of winters most people would be surprised to find japan in this list. But it truly is a great snowy destination. There are countless winter activities, like the Kitami Yakiniku Festival with the Winter BBQ, visiting the Tadami River in Fukushima with its most striking landscapes, the Sapporo Snow Festival, and, of course, skiing. New Year’s is one of the best times of the year for anyone traveling to Japan to experience some great ancient traditions and also some beautiful modern illumination around Tokyo.

8 –Argentina

Argentina in winter

Photo credit:Argentina travel

Winter comes to Argentina in June. Numerous ski resorts are open at this time. In the highlands, air temperature usually stays around 0 °C (32 °F) and below. It is believed that the real winter comes to Argentina in the second half of June when the trees lose their last leaves. However, buds on the trees will swell and turn green again in next month. But in the south of the country winter is real having large snowdrifts and significant frosts.

7 –United States

United States in winter

Photo credit:outsideonline

The United States of America is one of the most geographically and culturally diverse countries in the world. A country of 50 states, USA offers a great variety of winter getaways. Some travelers can’t wait for the ice and snow because they love winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, and the United States has no shortage of destinations for skiers and snowboarders across the country. Some of the best ski resorts in the world are located in the United States, particularly in the West, where the Rocky Mountains, Cascades, and Sierra Nevada ranges dominate the landscape from Colorado to California.

6 –Ireland

Ireland in winter

Photo credit:goway

Irish winters don’t get too cold, yet are cool and damp. Strong winds blow from the Atlantic. Since the Irish climate is mild and doesn’t experience extremes, a winter can pass with little or no snow but, as with Irish summers, nothing is predictable or guaranteed. Experiencing winter time in Ireland will definitely bring out your adventurous side and leave you with amazing memories. One thing that you need to remember is that during the winter, the days in Ireland are shorter while the nights are chillier and longer.

5 –Canada

Canada in winter

Photo credit:worldisacircus

Once the temperatures drop in the country of maple leaves you can ski or snowboard some of the world’s best mountains in British Columbia and Alberta, you can go ice-climbing in canyons such as Johnston in Alberta, you can drive the Icefields Parkway, you can go tobogganing on an outdoor slide in Quebec City, you can go dog-sledding, snow-shoeing, ice-skating, ice-fishing, or just stand outside and watch the Northern Lights.

4 –Switzerland

Switzerland in winter

Photo credit:Switzerland

Known as the “playground for the rich and famous,” Switzerland is a popular destination for the holiday season. With its picture-perfect cities like Bern and St. Moritz, and access to the Alps, Switzerland offers one of the best places to spend your holidays abroad. Once you are here you will discover the other side to winter culture in this spectacularly beautiful country: the traditional fondue, made with local “alp cheese”, served in old guesthouses; the shots of kirsch, the cherry brandy, to ward against the cold.

3 –Norway

Norway in winter

Photo credit:fandom

Norway in winter is all about getting into the cold outdoors. It is about seeing northern outposts as Alta and Tromso covered in snow. It is about sleeping under a clear dome and watching the Northern Lights color the sky. It is about going dog-sledding or snow-shoeing through the quiet wilderness, spending time with reindeer herders, going cross-country skiing, or even learning the sport of biathlon.

2 –Finland

Finland in winter

Photo credit:kakslauttanen

Most people tend to ignore the Northern Europe during the winter and head to sunnier and warmer places, but there are so many reasons to travel to Finland in winter. Yes, it is cold and there’s snow and the daylight hours get shorter, but there are also fewer tourists, surreal winter landscapes, and unique winter activities to be discovered throughout the country. You can go ice fishing, try dog sledding, take a traditional Finnish sauna, learn how to kicksled, drink cloudberry wine, sleep in an ice hotel, or go hunting for those mesmerizing Northern Lights.

1 –Iceland

Iceland in winter

Photo credit:bucketlistpublications

We have already made a list of 10 things that you can do in Iceland. Surely Iceland is one of the most amazing places to visit and not just in winter but at any time of the year. there are a lot of things that make Iceland so special and puts it in the first place of our list. From northern lights to its delicacies, From its waterfalls to its hot springs and geysers. Iceland has a very long list of amazing adventures, one can opt into. Did we missed any location that also should be on this list! tell us in the comment section.