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10 Things You Need to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse is something many of us have heard before. But nowadays people are becoming more serious about it,eventhough some countries already have a plan in case if a zombie apocalypse breaks out. They already have started building solid zombie-proof shelters. But it’s not just one thing that can get you out of a zombie apocalypse. But you are going to need a zombie survival kit. Here are the 10 most things that you must have with you during a zombie apocalypse.

10 –Sleeping Bag

Zombie proof kit

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After running all day from dead people you don’t want to just sleep on the ground. Besides, in such an apocalyptic situation who knows what might happen if you sleep on the floor. Even more so, this can eventually end up exposing you to the elements causing you to get sick. A sleeping bag can provide you some good sleep and will also act as a temporary shelter.

9 –First Aid Kit

Zombie proof kit

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We all know that once a zombie bites you, there’s no hope left…unless you decide to cut your bitten part and that too very quickly. But in between running and hiding from all the zombie chaos, You can hurt yourself and can get wounded too. Open wounds in such conditions can be harmful to you. Therefore you’re gonna need a waterproof First Aid kit just to keep you on the safe side.

8 –Water Purifying Kit

Zombie proof kit

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Drinking water is really good for you and our body needs it too. In a zombie apocalypse water that you drink can be contaminated with harmful viruses, therefore you are going to need purified water. But you cant pick up those huge and bulky water purifiers along with you. Nowadays there’s a lot of mobile water purifying kits. But Lifestraw or a water purifying bottle would be the best.

7 –MRE(Meals Ready to Eat)

Zombie proof kit

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When space to carry things is so less, it is important that you only carry necessary stuff and food is one of them. But you cannot carry vegetables or grains in your backpack as they require a lot of space. The solution to this problem is MRE. The Meal, Ready-to-Eat – commonly known as the MRE – is a self-contained, individual field ration in lightweight packaging used by many armies around the world.

6 –Tactical Backpack

Zombie proof kit

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To carry so much stuff around you might probably going to need a bag, but not just an ordinary laptop bag. Though it is not ideal, there is a good chance that you will be moving a lot during the zombie apocalypse or at the very least going out for supplies, once you no longer have stuff in your bunker. A tactical backpack can help you collect three days of supplies. These durable bags have a host of features that include heavy-duty zippers and utility-style cord pulls, Side and front load compression system.

5 –Swiss Knife

Zombie proof kit

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The one that is small in size but can solve big problems.Even at the moment, you should be carrying a Swiss Army Knife around as these handy multi-tools embody the “be prepared” mantra. Swiss Army Knives are easy to use and are mini mobile toolboxes that will allow you to tackle the task on the fly. A swiss army knife is a must-have tool during the zombie apocalypse.

4 –Waterproof Torch

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A tactical gadget like this should be in your arsenal. In an apocalyptic world, getting a hold of a light source will be no easy feat. Even more so, finding a long-lasting light source can mean the difference between life and death when out for supplies. A Super Bright Lumen water-resistant light is going to be godsent in the zombie apocalypse.

3 –Baseball Bat

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In a zombie apocalypse, it becomes necessary to have a weapon, and even if you get your hands on a gun you probably don’t want to waste all your bullets on few zombies. That’s why you should keep a Steel baseball bat or a steel baton with you to knock those zombies off in Hollywood style.

2 –A Gun

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In a zombie apocalypse, you should avoid zombies as much as you can. But what Hollywood movies have taught us so far is that you cannot run from them for too long. So, In case of close combat, you are going to need a gun, which can be either a handgun or a shotgun. Both are easy to carry, and their ammunition can be found in most places.

1 –A Shelter

Zombie apocalypse survive

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Running from zombies with your perfect kit seems like a good plan. But how long do you think you can do it. Ultimately at someplace, you are going to need shelter. To rest or to use as a hideout. You must choose a place that is far from the city. and has many entry and exit points. Or you should try to find a home in the forest with the least humans around. So, which of these things you think is the most important and must be taken along in a zombie apocalypse. Tell us in the comment section.

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