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10 Vegetarian Food Items that are non-vegetarian

For some Chicken dinner lovers, it’s quite disappointing to see a lot of vegetarians around them all the time. Where some vegetarians consider themselves a vegan. They always argue that veg food is the best in taste and has many health factors, But non-vegetarians have tasted both and they know better. But there are many food items thought to be vegetarian but are actually non-vegetarian. So if you are a pure vegetarian or a vegan then you should take a look at these 10 food items that we eat almost every day but are non-vegetarian.

10 – Cheese


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All the vegetarians who drool over cheese dishes have a sad news. Some varieties of cheese contain an enzyme called Rennet, that is derived from the gastrointestinal tract of animals.

9 –White Sugar

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In the tussle of whether sugar is better or honey, the former has lost one more point because of the adulteration that makes it unfit for pure-vegetarians. If you don’t know, sugar is not naturally white. It is artificially polished with the use of bone char. Even the brown sugar and confectionary sugar are treated with the same element also called ‘natural carbon’.

8 –Packed Orange Juice

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Orange juice contains vitamins and minerals that keep heart healthy. But this healthy drink might not be suitable for vegetarians because it contains added omega-3 fatty acids which come from fish oils. The abundant vitamin D in the juice is derived from lanolin, a natural oil found in the fibre of sheep’s wool. However, this does not apply to all packed orange juices.

7 – Chocolate


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While many dark and white chocolates are considered apt for vegetarians, there are a few chocolates that use whey powder which may contain a coagulating enzyme called- Rennet, that is extracted from calf’s stomach after slaughter. Better read the ingredient details before buying your bar of happiness.

6 –Chewing Gum


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We all know that those yummy chewing gums contain gelatine, but we hardly know that they are not appropriate for pure-vegetarians, because the gelatine used in them comes from the skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of pigs and cows.

5 – Potato chips

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Potato chips can be consumed while fasting too, but let us tell you the ugly truth. Some chips especially barbeque flavor contain chicken fat; it’s really sad to hear that our all time favorite snack having a tag of “Non-veg”; once again, this is not the case everywhere; many manufacturers don’t resort to this chicken fat and serve us crisp veg chips.

4 – Beer

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Many will stop drinking beer after reading what it contains. Many makers make use of fish bladders i.e. “Isinglass” for clarifying the beer and giving it a good color. You might be in love with the beer’s color, but this is the creepy truth behind it.

3 – Heart friendly oil


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Often, we are suggested to use heart-friendly oils; there are claims that these oils help to keep cholesterol levels in control. But do you know that they are not veg? Most of them contain Omega-3 acids and they are extracted from fish oil. You might have even come across ads that say that the oil contains Vitamin D; but once again this vitamin is derived from sheep. All you vegetarians out there, kindly don’t puke. Just confirm the ingredients next time you purchase it.

2 –Manchow soup

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I am sure you all must be relishing manchow soup, isn’t it? When we go to restaurants we get it in 2 options, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. How would you react if we say that the veg version is not pure veg? Let us tell you that some Manchow soups contain fish sauce i.e. Tom Yum Sauce. This doesn’t mean that all restaurants do so; some of them serve you pure veg too; but it’s better to check it out next time you order it.

1 –Cake mix


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People prefer baking cakes at home because they have a doubt that the cakes available outside are not pure veg; but even some cake mixes contain lard or pork fat. Did you get that eeks feeling? Please check the ingredients next time.


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