10 Best Dishes To Try in Egypt

Egypt is a country with a rich history, culture, and cuisine. With its ancient monuments, picturesque beaches, and vibrant cities, Egypt is a fascinating country to explore. But for many people, the highlight of a trip to Egypt is the food. From the classic ful medames to the iconic koshari, here are the 10 best dishes to try in Egypt.

10- Fattah

10 Best Dishes To Eat in Egypt

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Egypt is known for its delicious cuisine, and one of the best dishes to eat here is Fattah. It’s a traditional Egyptian dish made of a layer of crispy fried pita bread, topped with a mixture of cooked rice, boiled chickpeas, and a spiced tomato sauce. The ingredients are combined and topped with a yogurt-based garlic sauce. The flavors are rich, savory, and truly unique. It’s a dish that’s guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. The combination of flavors and textures is truly something special. Fattah is a must-try dish when in Egypt. It’s a delicious and hearty meal that will fill you up and leave you wanting more!

9- Bamia

10 Best Dishes To Eat in Egypt

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Bamia is a traditional Egyptian dish that is sure to tantalize your taste buds! It is a savory stew made with tender lamb, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and okra (ladies fingers). The flavors are brought together with a combination of spices, including cumin, paprika, and coriander. The result is a rich, hearty, and earthy dish that is perfect for a cold winter night. The okra adds a unique texture and helps to thicken the stew. The lamb is slow cooked until it is incredibly tender, and the vegetables are cooked just until they are soft and tender. The stew is served over a bed of fluffy basmati rice, creating a comforting and satisfying meal. Bamia is a must-try dish when visiting Egypt, and sure to delight any foodie!

8- Kebda

10 Best Dishes To Eat in Egypt

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Egypt is a country filled with incredible cuisine, and one of the best dishes to try is Kebda. It is a delicious sandwich, made with fried liver, tomatoes, pickles, and tahini sauce. The liver is marinated with garlic, onions and herbs, then fried in oil to give it a crunchy and savory taste. The tomatoes and pickles add a juicy and tangy flavor, and the tahini sauce gives it a creamy and nutty finish. All of these flavors combine to make a delightfully balanced sandwich that will tantalize your taste buds. Kebda is a must-try if you’re in Egypt!

7- Koshari

10 Best Dishes To Eat in Egypt

Koshari is a classic Egyptian dish that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. It’s a combination of rice, macaroni, and lentils, topped off with a spicy tomato sauce and crispy fried onions. The dish is quite filling and perfect for a hearty lunch or dinner. The flavors are complex yet incredibly delicious, with a hint of tanginess from the tomato sauce and a subtle sweetness from the fried onions. The texture of the dish is also quite unique, with each of the grains and lentils having their own distinct texture. Koshari is a traditional dish in Egypt and can be found in most restaurants. It is a must-try for anyone visiting the country, and it is sure to become a favorite of yours.

6- Mahshi

10 Best Dishes To Eat in Egypt

Mahshi is a classic Egyptian dish enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. It features a mixture of vegetables, such as zucchini, eggplant, and peppers, stuffed with a savory blend of rice, herbs, and spices. The vegetables are then wrapped in vine leaves, before being cooked in a flavorful tomato sauce. The resulting dish is a delicious combination of textures and flavors that can be served as a side dish or as a main course. The succulent vegetables combined with the aromatic spices create a unique and satisfying taste that is sure to please. Mahshi is a must-have for any Egyptian food lover, and is sure to be a hit with friends and family.

5- Ful Medames

10 Best Dishes To Eat in Egypt

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Egypt is a paradise for foodies. Ful Medames is one of the best dishes to eat in Egypt. This dish is a simple but delicious combination of cooked fava beans, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. It is usually served with pita bread, onion, parsley, and hard-boiled eggs. The fava beans are boiled for a few hours and then mashed until they become a paste. The paste is then mixed with olive oil and lemon juice and seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper. The dish is topped off with chopped parsley and onions and served with pita bread. The taste is a perfect balance of savory and sour notes – a combination that is truly unique to this dish. It is a must-try for any foodie visiting Egypt.

4- Taamiya

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Taamiya is a must-try dish in Egypt. It is a hearty, savory and filling meal that is surprisingly easy to make. The main components are ground fava beans, herbs and spices, and vegetables. The fava beans give the dish a nutty, earthy flavor while the herbs and spices add a vibrant, bold flavor. The vegetables add a fresh, crunchy texture. This dish is often served with fresh pita bread and hummus for a complete meal. Taamiya is a great way to enjoy a healthy, delicious meal in Egypt. It’s a perfect combination of flavor, texture and nutrition that makes it a wonderful choice for any occasion.

3- Hawawshi

Egypt is a country full of culinary delights. Hawawshi is one of the most popular dishes in the country. It’s a delicious snack made by filling a flatbread with minced beef and a variety of spices. It’s then cooked in a hot oven and served hot with a salad and pickles. Another must-try is koshari, a combination of lentils, rice and macaroni, all cooked in oil and topped with a spicy tomato sauce. For a more traditional meal, try fattah, a mixture of rice, yoghurt, bread and meat. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, try basbousa, a semolina cake soaked in syrup and topped with nuts. Egypt has a variety of dishes to choose from, but these are some of the best.

2- Molokheya

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Molokheya, a traditional Egyptian dish, is a must-try for any foodie visiting Egypt. This traditional soup is made with molokheya leaves, garlic, coriander, and stock. The broth is then poured over cooked rice, creating a delicious and filling meal. The molokhia leaves are cooked until they become tender, giving the dish its distinctive flavor. The dish is usually served with a side of cooked vegetables and a dollop of yogurt. Molokheya is a comforting, hearty meal that is perfect for a cold winter night. It’s also easy to make, making it a great dish to prepare when you don’t have a lot of time. Whether you’re in Egypt or at home, this is a must-try dish that will leave you wanting more.

1- Basboosa

10 Best Dishes To Eat in Egypt

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Eating Basboosa in Egypt is an experience like no other. The sweet and syrupy dessert is made from fine semolina, coconut and dipped in honey. The texture is light and fluffy, and the flavor is both sweet and fragrant. It’s a great way to end a meal or a snack in between. It’s also a great way to get a dose of carbohydrates and energy in between meals. The flavor of Basboosa is truly unique and cannot be replicated elsewhere. It’s definitely a must-try dish if you’re ever in Egypt. The combination of the coconut, honey, and semolina is truly delicious. Give it a try and you’ll be sure to keep coming back for more.

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