10 April Fools’ Prank by Companies

Monday, April 1 is April Fools’ Day in 2019.Do you fall for fun pranks right away, or are you someone who questions every tweet? Either way, April Fools’ can be a lot of fun and in the case of big named companies getting in on the action, a great way to dream of products we wish were real. Here are the 10 best April Fools’ Day pranks ever pulled by companies.



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What would you do if the zombie apocalypse came? To celebrate April Fools’, the National Research Council of Canada shared a picture of the ‘ongoing zombie apocalypse.’ Considering the success of shows like The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, and Costco’s recent addition of Doomsday Prep Kits to their product offerings, we have a feeling more than a few people saw this pic and began preparing for the undead.



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Burger King’s new Chocolate Whopper may be the result of an April Fools’ prank. Because let’s be real – we would totally eat it, side of fries included. Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate with a side of chocolate? Like most fast food, we would enjoy it in the moment and then regret it about 25 minutes later. Fifteen minutes if we get the full-sized combo.



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You can play Where’s Waldo on Google Maps all week. Thanks to Google Maps, you can tour the various sets of Game of Thrones, travel the world from the comfort of your home, and on April Fools’ Day, find Waldo. Google launched a Waldo-inspired plug in for the silliest holiday of the year, letting users search for Waldo and friends around the world.


april fool prank

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Wish you could press your face against the dirty sole of your shoe every time you need to make a call? The phone company started advertising Sidekicks — the world’s first “smart-shoe-phone.” They even took it as far as allowing customers to order the shoes…without the phone capabilities, of course. But hey, who knows what the future holds…maybe a smart-shoe-phone will exist one day after all.


april fools prank

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Diet Coke recently introduced a new line of flavors, so it only made sense that Coca-Cola would follow, right? Well, maybe, but new flavors probably wouldn’t include Avocado, Sourdough and Charcoal. Admittedly, we kinda fell for the Avocado flavor. That could totally happen, it would just mean one can be $10.


lego vaccum

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If you ever played with Legos as a kid, you’ll remember that the one thing worse than stepping on one barefoot was when your parents told you to put them away at the end of the day. Ugh, the struggle. Lego decided to toy with our dreams by announcing a “Lego vacuum” that sorted all the bricks by color and size and eliminated dust. If only!

4 – BMW’s April Fools

April Fools prank

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What would you do if you saw a newspaper ad claiming that you could trade in your car for a brand new BMW just by going into a local BMW dealership on April fools day. Tianna Marsh drove her 15-year-old station wagon along to the dealership in the Auckland suburb of Newmarket at 05:30 local time, sales manager Gavin Penfold tells the paper, and was promptly rewarded with her new set of wheels. The car’s number plate reads “NOF00L” and it’s worth nearly US$37000.



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Duolingo is the app that has become famous around the world for helping people learn new languages, five minutes at a time. For April Fools’ Day, the company announced their new ‘partnership’ with America’s Owliest Brewery to help people learn languages by drinking beer. Introducing: Brewolingo, the product we really, really wish was real.

2 –PopChips Protection


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Popchips isn’t launching a single-serving chip that’s wrapped like a certain kind of contraceptive. PopChips were selling individually-wrapped chips “ridged for your pleasure,” á la condoms. Not exactly appetizing.

1 –Youtube Shutdown

youtube shutdown

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In an elaborate April Fool’s prank,While the notion that YouTube has been a 8-year-long contest and Google is finally choosing a winner and shutting the site down tonight is pretty hard to swallow on its face, Google did shock many people by announcing the shutdown of Google Reader recently.

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