Top 10 Biggest Superhero Deaths

When was the last time you were depressed after watching your favourite superhero die. Well, this list include many painful stories. describing the death of many superheroes.Even for demigods, mutants and superheroes of the highest order, the Grim Reaper must occasionally pay a visit. From Batman to Jean Grey, and Superman to Peter Parker, our favorite heroes are all written and developed by mere mortals. here are the 10 biggest superhero deaths of all time.

10 –Ant-Man


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Scott Lang was an electronics expert and ex-con until hired by Stark International where he stole the Ant-Man suit. he stole the suit to try and save his sick daughter. After this, Ant-Man fought with The Avengers until his death while attempting to stop Jack of Hearts. with a crazed Scarlet Witch using her powers to tear the Avengers apart. She re-animated the dead Jack of Hearts and had him explode, killing Scott.


captain marvel

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In 1982, Captain Marvel bade farewell via a distinctly human end, dying of cancer while surrounded by his comrades in arms. As one of the first major superhero deaths, the passing of Captain Marvel leveled readers with its depiction of a humble conclusion to an otherwise exceptional life.While warding off Nitro from acquiring the deadly nerve gas, Compound 13, Mar-Vell soundly defeats his enemy. The Compound 13 containers explode, however, and though our hero successfully contains the damage, he is exposed to malignant toxins. Knocked unconscious by the contagions’ powers, Mar-Vell later develops cancer from Compound 13.



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What’s more worse than watching your superhero die twice. Parker gets it back-to-back in two different universes, Earth 616, the regular Marvel Universe, and the Marvel Ultimate Universe. Back in 2012, Peter Parker of the Marvel Ultimate Universe was shot by the Punisher and died battling the Green Goblin. Then, Earth 616 Spider-Man died when Doctor Octopus switched minds with Spider-Man… and Doc. Ock’s body died, destroying Peter’s consciousness.

7 – Wolverine


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Thanks to his adamantium fusion, Wolverine finally called it quits. The 2014 series, “Death of Wolverine” put him down for good, supposedly. A virus nullified Wolverine’s healing power, during which time Wolverine hunted down the founder of Weapon X, Dr. Abraham Cornelius. During the course of their fight, he was covered in liquid Adamantium and, unable to remove it, suffocated and died.

6 –Captain America

captain america

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No one is immortal not even your favourite superhero. The symbol of patriotism “captain america’s” daeth left whole america stunned. After surrendering to Tony Stark and turning himself in to face a trial, Cap is gunned down on the steps of the courthouse. Crossbones fires at Captain America with a sniper-rifle and while everyone is distracted, a brainwashed Sharon Carter delivers the killing blow.

5 – Jean Grey

jean gray

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Behold the most powerful mutant in X-men series. After suffering mental manipulation from the villain the Mastermind, Phoenix became deranged and turned into the deadly Dark Phoenix, forcing the Jean Grey Summers that we all love, into entity’s subconscious. Jean psychologically struggled to be released from Dark Phoenix’s metal prison and was eventually able to gain enough physical control to destroy herself and save the universe from the scourge of Dark Phoenix once and for all.

4 –Flash


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the 1985 death of The Flash’s second persona, Barry Allen, left fans horrified. The Flash uses this distraction to locate the cannon’s anti-matter energy core. Knowing what must be done, he runs faster than ever before. While he successfully causes the cannon to self-destruct, the Flash’s speed is so immense that he steadily loses the unity of his sentient body and disintegrates into nothingness. However thankless his sacrifice may have been, the Flash saved the lives of countless billions on truly infinite earths.



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the death of Batman is almost hard to process. Fans who read Final Crisis ironically had the same feeling about the labyrinthine plot.While Darkseid taunted him about the destruction of Earth, Batman had no qualms about breaking his one rule. Loading a gun with the very bullet that killed Orion, the Dark Knight rationalizes this impending murder and takes the shot at Darkseid. Just as the bullet clips his shoulder, the Lord of Apokolips unleashes his radioactive Omega Beams and effectively incinerates his opponent. The images of his charred corpse will last a lifetime.

2 –Robin


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Robin’s death was the most brutual amongst all superheroes. This death was voted by Batman’s fans. The final tally was 5,343 in favor of animated execution, just seventy-two votes more than those pleading for Todd’s survival. Joker beat an injured Robin almost to death with a crowbar. Then, as Batman is mere meters away from saving Jason. Though a bomb detonation ultimately claimed his life. Bruce Wayne pays homage to the Robin wishing he could’ve saved him.

1 –Superman


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Superman -the defination of immortality, impervious to death. The most iconic hero died squaring off the most deadly villain, Doomsday. Doomsday. Supermen didn’t go down easy, as he also killed Doomsday in the process. The Man of Steel is too big an icon to stay dead, and eventually he returned after having his body regenerated in the Fortress of Solitude. What other superhero deaths left you in shock? Tell us in the comments section!

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