10 Best Dishes To Eat in Germany

Germany is known for its delicious food, and it’s certainly a great place to explore the culinary world. Whether you’re looking for a traditional German dish or something more exotic, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a list of the top 10 dishes to eat in Germany, starting from 10 to 1.

10- Kartoffelpuffer

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Kartoffelpuffer, or potato pancakes, are a classic dish to eat in Germany. Made with grated potatoes, onion, eggs, and flour, they are deliciously crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside. They are usually served with applesauce or sour cream, adding another layer of flavor to the dish. In some regions, you can also find them topped with smoked salmon or bacon. The best way to enjoy Kartoffelpuffer is to order them freshly made at a local restaurant. The smell of the potatoes frying in the pan is enough to make your mouth water. They are also great for a quick snack or light meal on the go. Whether you are visiting Germany or looking for something special to make at home, Kartoffelpuffer should definitely be on your list. They are delicious and sure to please even the pickiest eaters!

9- Sauerbraten

10 Best Dishes To Eat in Germany

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Germany is a country renowned for its delicious cuisine and exquisite flavors. One of its most beloved dishes is sauerbraten, a savory pot roast cooked in a marinade of vinegar, herbs, and spices. To prepare sauerbraten, beef is marinated for several days in a mixture of vinegar, wine, onions, bay leaves, and other seasonings. The marinade helps to tenderize the beef, while the herbs and spices add a depth of flavor. Once the beef has been marinated, it is browned in a pan and then simmered in the marinade until it is tender and flavorful. The beef is then served with a variety of accompaniments, such as potatoes, noodles, or dumplings. Sauerbraten is a classic German dish that is sure to please even the most discerning palate. Whether it is served as a hearty main course or simply enjoyed as a snack, sauerbraten is sure to satisfy your hunger.

8- Currywurst

10 Best Dishes To Eat in Germany

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Currywurst is a quintessential German fast food dish that is typically served in a sausage form. This savory snack is made from a pork or beef bratwurst that is topped with a spiced tomato sauce. The sauce is a blend of ketchup, curry powder, and a variety of other seasonings, giving the dish its signature flavor. The German delicacy is usually served with fries and a roll, making for a satisfying and filling meal. For those looking for a truly authentic experience, traditional Currywurst is served on a paper plate with a knife and a fork. It is a popular snack amongst locals and travelers alike, and a must-try for anyone looking to experience the culinary delights of Germany.

7- Spätzle

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When it comes to food, Germany is known for its hearty, flavorful dishes. One of the most popular dishes is Spätzle, a delicious egg-based noodle. The dough is made from flour, eggs, salt, and water before being cut into small pieces and boiled in hot water. The resulting noodles are then usually fried in butter before being served. Spätzle can be served as a side dish or as a main course, and is often topped with cheese or a sauce. It can also be served as a dessert, with a sweet topping such as apples or plums. Spätzle is a great source of protein and is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. It’s also a great way to introduce German cuisine to those unfamiliar with it, as it’s simple to make and delicious to eat. So why not give Spätzle a try and you’ll soon be a fan!

6- Maultaschen

Maultaschen are a traditional German dish with a filling of either minced meat, mashed potatoes, spinach, or a combination of all three. They are typically served with a side of either cooked onions or gravy. They are often compared to ravioli, but the dough used to make them is much thicker and more robust. The most popular version of Maultaschen is the Swabian variety, which is made with a thin layer of dough filled with either minced meat, mashed potatoes, or spinach. They are then boiled, fried, or baked and served with either cooked onions or gravy. They are a great accompaniment to any German meal, and are often enjoyed as a snack or light meal. For a more flavorful experience, Maultaschen can be topped with cheese, or served with a side of sauerkraut. No matter how you choose to enjoy them, Maultaschen are a must-try when visiting Germany.

5- Schnitzel

10 Best Dishes To Eat in Germany

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If you’re looking for a quintessential German meal, you can’t go wrong with schnitzel. This traditional dish is made from pounded and breaded pork, chicken, or veal cutlets and is usually served with a side of potatoes and a lemon wedge. The cutlets are lightly seasoned before being dipped in egg and flour, fried in butter or oil, and served with a variety of sauces. Schnitzel is a very popular dish in Germany and is available in many restaurants and biergartens.

It is also served at festivals and in pubs. For the best schnitzel, look for a restaurant that takes the time to pound the cutlets to a paper-thin consistency before breading and frying them. The result should be a crisp and golden-brown exterior with a juicy, tender interior. The potatoes served with schnitzel should be fried until they are golden and crunchy. The lemon wedge is a must, as it adds a sharp and acidic contrast to the savory dish. So, if you’re looking for a classic German meal, schnitzel is a great option.

4- Eintopf

10 Best Dishes To Eat in Germany

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Among the many dishes that make Germany so special, Eintopf is one of the most popular. This hearty stew is typically made with a variety of vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, celery, and leeks, as well as different types of meat, such as beef, pork, and sausage. It is cooked slowly so that all the flavors blend together perfectly. Eintopf is a great source of protein and a fantastic way to get all your essential vitamins and minerals. For a truly authentic taste, serve it with a dollop of sour cream or a sprinkle of fresh herbs. Enjoy it as a main course or as a side dish – either way, it is a delicious way to experience the flavors of Germany!

3- Bratwurst

10 Best Dishes To Eat in Germany

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If you’re looking for the best food to eat in Germany, you’ve got to try Bratwurst. This savory sausage is made with pork, veal, or beef and seasoned with spices like nutmeg, coriander, and ginger. It’s then grilled or fried and served in a bun, with a side of ketchup, mustard, or both. Bratwurst has been a staple of German cuisine for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. It’s delicious, easy to make, and pairs perfectly with a cold beer! Plus, it’s a great way to get your protein and fill up without feeling overly full. So if you’re looking for a hearty meal that won’t break the bank, Bratwurst is your best bet. Enjoy!

2- Käsespätzle

10 Best Dishes To Eat in Germany

Germany is renowned for its delicious food, and Käsespätzle is no exception. This cheesy pasta dish is a classic of the German kitchen. The dish is made from Spätzle, a type of egg noodle, which is boiled, fried and then served with a creamy cheese sauce. To make the dish even more delicious, it is usually topped with fried onions and chives. Käsespätzle is a hearty and comforting meal, perfect for those cold winter nights. The combination of the creamy cheese and the crunchy onions is simply divine. If you ever find yourself in Germany, make sure to try out this delicious dish. You won’t regret it. Käsespätzle is a great way to get a taste of German culture and cuisine. So, grab a plate and enjoy!

1- Apfelstrudel

10 Best Dishes To Eat in Germany

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When it comes to classic German desserts, Apfelstrudel is a must-try. This traditional pastry is made from thinly rolled dough, filled with a delicious apple-based filling, then baked and served warm. Apfelstrudel is best enjoyed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream. Its sweet, tart apple-flavored filling is balanced perfectly with the light, flaky crust. Its aroma alone is enough to make any sweet-tooth weak in the knees. The best Apfelstrudel can be found in Bavaria, where it is a specialty of the region. But, it can be found all over Germany, from cozy cafes to five-star restaurants. No matter where you find it, this traditional German dessert is sure to be a hit. So, don’t forget to add Apfelstrudel to your list of must-tries when visiting Germany.

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