Top 10 Most Expensive Toys

Today most of the people prefer playing video games on PC, Playstation or any other console. But there are still some rich folks out there who have too much money laying around and don’t know what to do with it , so when they get bored they go game shopping. But their game shopping is much extravagant or expensive than our shopping. From toys embedded with diamonds to model cars that cost more than its real life model. Here is the list of 10 of the most expensive toys in the world .

10 –Diamond Barbie

Price: $302,500

most expensive toys

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Many girls competed as children in collecting more Barbies than the rest. Whether it was made in the style of a Disney princess, or it came with a full-fledged beauty parlor set, each Barbie doll had a marvelous story to itself.Australian jewelry designer Stefano Canturi conjured up this most expensive Barbie which is a doll worshipped by little girls. This Barbie wears a strapless evening black dress and a choker necklace with square-cut one-carat pink diamond. This necklace itself is worth $300k. In 2010 this doll managed to win a sum of $302,500 and the amount was donated for breast cancer research.

9 –Gold Rocking Horse

Price: $600,000

most expensive toys

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Rocking horses are one of the most favourite toys of most people in their childhood.You and even your kid must have played on a rocking horse but have you ever thought of gifting your kid a gold rocking horse. Ginza Tanaka, a Japanese jeweler made this rocking horse in 24 carat gold to honor the birth of Hisahito, a Japanese prince, in 2016. The toy tips the scales at about 26 kg or 80 pounds. To add more zing to the story, celebrity couple Jay-Z and Beyonce bought this chic rocker for their daughter Blue Ivy by spending $600k.

8 – Golden Monopoly

Price: $2.5 million

most expensive toys

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In an age of PlayStations and computer games, some of us still swear by board games and table-top role-playing games. A game of Monopoly makes for a perfect family bonding session and with the number of variations out there, there’s a Monopoly to suit everyone’s taste.

7 –Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear

Price: $2.1 Million

most expensive toys

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World’s most expensive teddy bear has a crazy price. Manufactured by a well-known German toy company Steiff, this teddy bear was sold at the Monaco auction in 2000, for the whopping $2.1 million. Although Steiff has made this bear with the brand name of the famous fashion house Louis Vuitton, but this is certainly not enough to justify the value of $2.1 million.

6 –Masterpiece Rubik’s Cube

Price: $2.5 Million

most expensive toys

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You can buy a regular Rubik’s cube for just about $3 online. But if you are a diehard aficionado of this toy and have a fat wallet, then you can think about spending $2.5 million for the Masterpiece Rubik’s Cube which easily finds it a place in our list of most expensive toys and games. To honor Rubik Cube’s 15th anniversary in 1995, Fred Cuellar, an expert diamond cutter designed This fully functional toy which has 185 carats of precious gems – amethysts, emeralds, and rubies, embedded in it.

5 – Shimansky Soccer Ball

Price: $2.59 Million

most expensive toys

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You cannot kick this soccer ball yet it costs a whopping $2.59 million. The reason: This ball is a 4.8 pound beauty that is encrusted with 3500 carats of South African diamonds including 6620 white diamonds and 2640 black diamonds. It was created by South African jewelry brand Shimansky to commemorate the soccer World Cup held in that nation in 2010.

4 –Lamborghini Aventador Model

Price: $4.6 Million

most expensive toys

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With this model car’s price tag you can buy 10 real life Aventadors.But this toy replica costs a whopping $4.6 million. The 1/8-size model was made by German engineer Robert Gulpen and the reason for its exorbitant price is that is has gold, diamonds, and platinum rims in its headlights, steering wheel, and seats. Gulpen took 500 hours to complete and present this tour de force. That can give you the idea why this toy replica costs 10 times more than the real car.

3 – Madame Alexander Eloise

Price : $5 Million

most expensive toys

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What will you buy with $5 million. A house, luxury car or start your own buisness, or you can also buy this $5 million doll. Created by dollmaker Madame Alexander, only 5 of these toys were ever made. This blond high-fashion lady is even accompanied by an adorable little dog during her shopping trips. Each wears Swarovski crystals, Katherine Baumann accessories, Oscar de la Renta fur, and Christian Dior clothes. Madame Alexander Eloise elaborates her rich girl style with blond hair, chubby look, and a stylish dog. Only a very affluent person can afford to show interest in this magnificently accoutered doll.

2 –L’Oiseleur-The Bird Trainer

Price: $6.25 Million

most expensive toys

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L’Oiseleur (“the bird trainer” in French) is a 4ft tall moving doll designed by a French automata expert named Christian Bailly who took more than 15,000 hours to complete this project. The automated doll is given life and motion by 2,340 polished steel parts. It functions with the assistance of spring-driven cogs and gears, and not motors or batteries.If you wind the golden key, the Bird Trainer takes the flute to his mouth and plays the tune “Marche des Rois” by Georges Bizet.

1 –Astolat Dollhouse Castle

Price : $8.5 Million

most expensive toys

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The most expensive toy on our list is also the most expensive dollhouse in the world. The Astolat Dollhouse Castle commands an astounding $8.5 million because it boasts the finest sculpting, architecture, engineering, and creativity. It has a gym, pool, 29 rooms, and multiple floors. On top of that, there is an armory, kitchen, wine cellar, basement, hallways, stairways, and seven levels. The bar has real tiny liquor bottles and there is also a grand ballroom, music room, library, and formal rooms. Finally, at the top level there is a majestic Wizard’s tower.This masterwork took 13 years to complete and weighs between 815 and 890 pounds. Its $8.5 million price tag works out at $24,425 a square foot which makes it more expensive than real apartments in posh localities in New York and London. So, which toy do you think was completely useless, Tell us in the comments section.

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