10 Times People Were Saved By Technology

Technology has come a long way from the days of the telegraph and telephone. Technology has advanced to a point where it can save lives in a variety of ways. From Drones to Helmets, here are 10 times people have been saved by technology.

10- Saved By Drone

10 Times People Were Saved By Technology

Photo Credit: Sky News

When the unthinkable happened, a drone swooped in to save the day. On a sunny afternoon in a small coastal town, a 14-year-old boy was struggling to stay afloat in the choppy waters. Thanks to the quick thinking of a nearby lifeguard, who noticed the person in distress and quickly deployed a drone. Then a life vest was dropped from the drone and a physical lifeguard team arrived at the spot later. Thanks to the drone, the boy was saved by technology from a potentially life-threatening situation.

9- Headphones Saves From Bullet

10 Times People Were Saved By Technology

PhotoCredit: DNA India

At the start of April 2022, an 18-year-old from California shared images on Reddit that showed how their life was saved by their Razer headset when a stray bullet broke through their bedroom window and was deflected. In the post, Enough_Dance_956 expressed their gratitude to Razer, saying, “If it wasn’t for the headphones made with good quality, I would have been a dead kid at the age of 18. I couldn’t even imagine all the pain my family and friends would have gone through.” This story is an incredible reminder of how something as simple as a quality product can have an immense and lasting impact on someone’s life.

8- Self Driving Tesla To Hospital

When Joshua Neally, 37, experienced severe chest pains while driving his brand-new Tesla Model X from his law office in Springfield, Missouri, the car’s autopilot feature helped him get most of the way to the hospital. Neally had a blocked artery in his lungs and the pain was so intense that he was unable to concentrate on the road. The autopilot feature of the car allowed him to focus on getting to the hospital as quickly as possible. The autopilot feature in Tesla cars has been a subject of controversy since its introduction in 2015. However, Neally’s case highlights the potential benefits of the technology for those in a medical emergency. With the autopilot engaged, Neally was able to get to the hospital quickly and safely. 

7- Twitter in Chennai Floods

Chennai residents mobilized to help their fellow citizens when the city was hit with a bad storm in 2015. They used Twitter to create the hashtag #ChennaiRains to spread useful information about the worst affected areas and to facilitate the rescue of thousands of stranded people. In addition, they used the platform to offer their homes to strangers seeking shelter from the rain and floods. This act of kindness and selflessness was just one of the many ways that the people of Chennai showed their resilience and willingness to help each other in a time of crisis.

6- Head Protection in F1

10 Times People Were Saved By Technology

Photo Credit: Herald Sun

Charles Leclerc Tweeted an image of a Formula One car crash, where the driver was fortunate to have been saved by the “Halo” head protection device. The Halo is a ring-like device that was designed to protect the driver’s head from large objects and debris entering the cockpit of a single-seat racing car. In the aftermath image, it’s clear how lucky Leclerc had been to have had the protection from the Halo. This is yet another testament of people who were saved by technology.

5- Heart Attack Notification

David Last, a 54-year-old man, was shocked to discover the number of heart problems he had when he visited the hospital after receiving multiple alerts from his Apple Watch, a gift from his wife. The ECG sensor detected his irregular heart rates and saved his life. This testament to the Apple Watch’s capabilities highlights the importance of monitoring your health on a regular basis. With the ECG sensor, the Apple Watch has become a powerful tool for helping people to keep track of their health. It’s an invaluable asset for anyone looking to stay aware of their heart rate and alert them of any possible irregularity. The Apple Watch is a great reminder technology can save lives.

4- Smartphone & Bullets

10 Times People Were Saved By Technology

Photo Credit: DNA India

A smartphone recently saved a man’s life by deflecting a bullet during a shooting. The incident occurred in the city of São Paulo, Brazil when two men on a motorcycle approached a man and opened fire at him. Fortunately, the man had his smartphone in his pocket, which deflected the bullet, saving his life. This incident highlights the power of technology and how it can be a lifesaver in unpredictable situations. Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, and we rely on them for almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives. It’s incredible to think about how something as simple as a smartphone can be used to protect us from harm in such extraordinary circumstances. This incident is not an isolated one either. There have been other cases of smartphones deflecting bullets.

3- Ejection Seat

Technology has saved countless lives over the years, and ejection seats are no exception. Developed by the Romanian inventor Anastase Dragomir in the late 1920s., ejection seats were designed to allow pilots to quickly escape from their aircraft in an emergency situation. Often referred to as “the last resort of the brave”, ejection seats are designed to be deployed when a pilot finds themselves in a life-threatening situation. These seats utilize a combination of rockets and parachutes to propel the pilot away from their aircraft and safely onto the ground.

In the early days of ejection seat technology, the seats were quite primitive, often using a simple explosive charge to expel the pilot from the aircraft. However, as the technology progressed, so did the safety of the seats. Today, modern ejection seats are fitted with sophisticated software and sensors which can detect the pressure, altitude, and speed of the aircraft and deploy the seat at the appropriate moment.

2- Buried Alive

10 Times People Were Saved By Technology

Photo Credit: Smartprix

When police arrived at the scene 60 miles southwest of Seattle, they found Young Sook An in terrible condition. She had duct tape still wrapped around her neck, lower face, and ankles, and extensive bruising to her legs, arms, and head. Her clothing and hair were covered in dirt. The story of her daring escape from her captor is remarkable. A 911 operator had received a call from An but she sounded gagged and unable to talk. There was banging and struggling in the background before it went quiet. Thanks to her Apple Watch, An was able to make the call and alert the authorities of her location. This incident is a chilling reminder of how quickly a person can find themselves in danger and how important it is to have a plan and the right technology to stay safe. 

1- Seatbelts & Helmets

When it comes to safety, few measures are as effective as seatbelts and helmets. They have been proven time and time again to reduce the number of fatalities in motor vehicle accidents, making them essential for any responsible driver or motorcyclist. Seatbelts are designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle in their seat, preventing them from being thrown around inside the vehicle in the event of a crash. This reduces the risk of serious injury or death, as occupants are less likely to be thrown out of a vehicle or hit by objects inside the vehicle.

It also prevents them from being crushed between two surfaces, such as the dashboard and the seat in front of them. Helmets provide an additional layer of protection to motorcyclists, as they protect the head and face from impact in the event of an accident. This reduces the risk of serious head injuries, which can often be fatal. Helmets also reduce the risk of facial injuries, which can cause significant disfigurement and long-term psychological trauma.

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