Top 10 Weirdest Buildings in the World

From the world’s tallest towers to the most bizarrely shaped buildings, the architectural industry never ceases to amaze us. From a building shaped like a giant Teacup to an upside down house, here are 10 of the weirdest buildings from around the globe.

10- Fish Building, India

Top 10 Weirdest Buildings in the World

Photo Credit: CNN

At night, blue-purple spotlights illuminate the ‘Fish Building’, creating the impression that a giant fish is swimming through Hyderabad. The regional office for the National Fisheries Development Board, located near Hyderabad, India, was officially opened in April 2012. The building, an example of mimetic architecture, is clad in stainless steel panels and, except for the central core, is completely raised off the ground on pale blue pilotis. It incorporates elements of the fish form into its functionality, such as the left pectoral fin doubling as an awning above the entrance, and the two circular windows acting as eyes.

9- Giant Teapot, China

Giant Teapot is an iconic building in Wuxi, China. It stands tall at over 40 meters. The teapot is constructed out of steel, cement and glass and is decorated with colorful tiles. It has a wide base, a narrow neck, and a spout at the top. Inside, the teapot has a museum and an art gallery. The teapot is one of the weirdest buildings in China, but it is also a symbol of the city and its culture.

8- Piano & Violin Building, China

The Piano and Violin Building in Huainan stands out as one of the world’s weirdest buildings. Its unique shape resembles a giant piano and violin. Its exterior is made up of black and white stripes, representing the keys of the instrument. The building stands over 200 feet tall and inside, there is a large theatre, restaurant, and shopping mall. Visitors can even take a lift to the top to enjoy the spectacular views. It’s definitely a sight to behold! The grand design is a testament to the city’s creativity and ambition. Its eye-catching design has made it a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of Huainan’s vibrant culture. It’s definitely worth a visit!

7- House Attack, Austria

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Erwin Wurm designed this unique building to create a commentary on the concept of “home” and its role within society. The structure looks like a giant house that has crashed into a museum, creating an eye-catching, thought-provoking sight. Inside, visitors can explore the cafe and souvenir shop, providing a fun and interesting experience. Wurm’s use of surrealism and irony offers a comical yet insightful element to his artwork, allowing viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the idea of “home” and its importance within society. Along with the cafe and shop, the building also features a variety of interactive elements and activities

6- Robot Buiding, Thailand

Top 10 Weirdest Buildings in the World

Photo Credit:Timeout

Architect Sumet Jumsai designed this building to look like a giant robot, paying homage to the city’s technological and industrial progress. Housing the United Overseas Bank, the building contains a cafeteria, a gym, and a swimming pool. Providing a comprehensive suite of amenities for its occupants. The building’s unique design has earned it a place in the cityscape, standing out among the more traditional structures that surround it. Visitors to the building often marvel at its robotic features and gleaming façade, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

5- Basket Building, U.S.A

Top 10 Weirdest Buildings in the World

The Longaberger Company designed and constructed the Basket Building, a seven-story structure designed to look like a giant basket. Featuring the company’s headquarters, a gift shop, and a museum dedicated to the history of basket-making. The building stands as a homage to the craftsmanship of the Longaberger Company’s handmade baskets. Not only does the building provide a unique touch of whimsy, it also serves as a reminder of the skill and artistry that goes into the basket-making process. Visitors can explore the museum to gain a better appreciation of the craft and purchase a basket or two as a souvenir. For those interested in learning more about the history of basket-making, the Basket Building is an excellent educational and entertaining experience.

4- Library Building, U.S.A

Top 10 Weirdest Buildings in the World

This library looks like a giant bookshelf! The library parking garage is a unique example of how public infrastructure can be transformed into a piece of art that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Its vibrant colors and whimsical design make it a popular destination for visitors to the area, and a reminder of the library’s mission to promote literacy and learning. The bookshelf parking garage serves as a reminder of the importance of reading, and the power of art to bring people together.

3- Crooked House, Poland

Top 10 Weirdest Buildings in the World

Photo Credit: Reshumana

The architects Szotyńscy & Zaleski have designed The Crooked House, a surrealist building composed of unique curved walls and windows. This design gives the building an otherworldly and fairytale-like appearance and provides an unforgettable experience to visitors. Inside, The Crooked House houses a shopping mall and several restaurants, creating an inviting atmosphere and providing a range of amenities for visitors to enjoy. With its extraordinary architectural design, The Crooked House is sure to captivate and amaze, and is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the area.

2- Antonium, Belgium

Top 10 Weirdest Buildings in the World

Photo Credit: Planetofhotels

This giant atom-shaped building stands as a symbol of the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. Composed of nine 18-meter-diameter metallic spheres connected by tubes, the structure stands 102 metres tall and offers visitors exhibition halls, a restaurant, and an observation deck. A visit to this iconic structure offers a unique experience, allowing visitors to explore the history of the city and marvel at its impressive architecture.

1- Cubic Houses, Netherlands

Photo Credit: Windowswap

Piet Blom designed these cubic houses to resemble trees as part of the city’s urban plan to create more living space in a limited area. The houses are placed atop poles, giving the illusion of floating above the ground. The unique design is an example of creative problem-solving, turning an obstacle into an opportunity by utilizing a small piece of land to create innovative and aesthetically pleasing architecture. The design also offers a unique view of the surrounding area, adding to the city’s charm and character. By utilizing space in a clever and thoughtful way, these cubic houses are a testament to the power of creativity and innovation.

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