10 Great TV Series With Bad Endings

For many TV fans, one of the most exciting parts of the series is the finale – the climax of all the storylines, the resolution of all the conflict. But while some shows have managed to stick the landing, others have stumbled at the end, leaving us with an unsatisfying conclusion. Here, we take a look at 10 TV series that had truly bad endings.

10- Roseanne

Roseanne ended her iconic series with a disappointing finale. The show wrapped up with a time jump, leaving viewers frustrated and confused. In the last scene, it’s revealed that Roseanne had died from an accidental opioid overdose, a plot point that was criticized for being too dark and inappropriate for the lighthearted sitcom. Furthermore, her death erased the season’s entire plot, leaving many unresolved storylines and unanswered questions.

The finale also neglected to properly address the ongoing topic of family dynamics. Roseanne’s death removed any chances of the family dealing with their issues and learning to grow. To make matters worse, the showrunners chose to ignore the fans’ outcry and instead chose to end the series on a bleak note. In the end, the finale of Roseanne was a dissatisfying conclusion to an otherwise beloved show.

9- Scrubs

The series Scrubs ended in a surprisingly unsatisfying way. The show had followed a group of medical interns at a hospital in their professional and personal lives but failed to provide a proper conclusion to the characters’ stories. The finale had many fans feeling let down, as it failed to address major plot points, such as the relationship between Dr. Cox and Jordan, and left many unanswered questions.

The finale also glossed over the importance of the hospital itself, which had been the major backdrop for the entire series. The lack of closure for the characters and their stories left many viewers feeling confused and disappointed. Even though the show had its faults, many were hoping for a better ending to a series that had become so beloved.

8- Two and a Half Men

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The iconic TV series Two and a Half Men had a controversial ending. The finale saw Charlie Sheen’s character, Charlie Harper, killed off-screen in a train accident, leaving Alan and Jake to carry on without him. The audience was left feeling unsatisfied, as this was a far cry from the show’s humorous and light-hearted nature. Alan and Jake’s attempts to carry on without Charlie felt forced and awkward, leaving fans feeling betrayed by the show’s sudden shift in tone. Though the finale was met with mixed reactions, it’s clear that Two and a Half Men’s ending left viewers feeling let down.

7- The Sopranos

10 Great TV Series With Bad Endings

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The Sopranos ended on an ambiguous note, leaving fans with a lot of unanswered questions. Tony and his family sit in a diner, the tension rising with each passing moment. Tony looks around, expecting something to happen, but nothing does. Cut to black. Viewers are left with a feeling of unease as Tony’s fate remains uncertain. Was he killed? Arrested? Did he get away scot-free?

We may never know. This ambiguous ending was highly controversial, with some viewers feeling robbed of a satisfying resolution. However, the ambiguous ending can be seen as a metaphor for life; nothing is certain and anything can happen. The Sopranos left us with a powerful reminder that unpredictability is a fundamental part of life.

6- Gillmore Girls

10 Great TV Series With Bad Endings

The Gilmore Girls finale left viewers feeling let down. It felt rushed and unsatisfying. Rory’s love life was left unresolved and Lorelai’s relationship with Christopher was unresolved. Fans wanted to see a resolution to the long-standing love triangle between Luke, Lorelai, and Christopher. The final episode lacked closure on the show’s most important relationships. Lorelai and Luke’s wedding was thrown together in a very short amount of time, leaving viewers feeling as if it was an afterthought.

There was no real resolution to the season-long drama between Lorelai and Emily, just a brief and unfulfilling scene at the end. Rory’s future was left open-ended and viewers felt cheated. Despite these glaring issues, the show ended with a sweet moment between Lorelai and Rory. However, it was not enough to make up for the unsatisfactory ending.

5- Seinfield

10 Great TV Series With Bad Endings

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Seinfield’s ending left many viewers unsatisfied. The finale failed to tie up the loose ends from the show’s long run. Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer were sent to jail for violating a “Good Samaritan” law. Fans felt the ending did not provide any closure to the show. Many viewers felt let down by the finale, as it was not true to the show’s quirky style. The episode was not as witty or clever as the other episodes.

Furthermore, the characters’ arcs were not fully resolved, leaving the audience with an inconclusive ending. Despite this, Seinfield has remained a beloved show. It is widely regarded as one of the most influential television series of all time. The show has left a lasting legacy that continues to live on in pop culture.

4- Lost

10 Great TV Series With Bad Endings

Lost left viewers in shock as the series ended with no resolution. Characters were left with unresolved issues. Jack died without answers to his questions. The mysteries of the island remained unsolved. The finale revealed no answers for the many questions viewers had. Many were left feeling cheated and confused. The lack of closure left fans feeling frustrated and disappointed. Questions about the island, the Others, and the smoke monster remained unanswered.

The finale offered no resolution to the love triangle between Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Hurley and Ben were left in charge of the island and its secrets. No clear explanation was given for the island’s powers and its connection to the outside world. The ending of Lost left many fans feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. There were no clear answers to any of the questions raised throughout the show. The ending of Lost left many viewers feeling let down and unsatisfied.

3- Dexter

10 Great TV Series With Bad Endings

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Dexter, the beloved TV series, ended abruptly with a bad ending. Fans were left unsatisfied and disappointed. Dexter, a serial killer, failed to find redemption and was instead met with tragedy. His sister Debra died, his lover Hannah left him, and he was forced into exile. Dexter was unable to accept his dark passenger and succumbed to a life of solitude. His last attempt at normalcy was unsuccessful, and he ended up alone with nothing but his own guilt.

He was unable to make peace with his past and bring justice to his victims. He felt lost and confused; unable to find meaning in his life. Dexter’s final decision was to give himself up, to face his own punishment for the lives he had taken. The ending was abrupt and unsatisfying, leaving fans with a sense of loss and bitterness. Dexter’s journey to redemption was cut short, and fans were left wanting more.

2- How I Met Your Mother

10 Great TV Series With Bad Endings

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Ted Mosby finally meets the mother of his children. Yet, it’s revealed that she has passed away years prior and Ted reunites with Robin in the end. This sad ending leaves many viewers unsatisfied and disappointed. Ted’s kids are left incredulous and appalled. The finale episode of the beloved sitcom leaves a bittersweet taste in its wake. Fans are left to ponder the true meaning of Ted’s journey.

Was it all in vain? Did Ted take the wrong path? What does it mean for the future of love? These unanswered questions weigh heavily on viewers’ minds. The show’s narrative structure and its conclusion force us to confront the harsh realities of life. In the end, Ted’s journey teaches us that life is unpredictable and often cruel.

1- Game of Thrones

10 Great TV Series With Bad Endings

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Behold The mother of all Bad endings- The game of Thrones finale has been a source of much debate. The series ended with Daenerys Targaryes’s death, Bran Stark’s ascension to the Iron Throne and the Starks reuniting. Fans were angered by Jon Snow’s exile and the lack of closure for several characters. The rushed plotlines, lack of character development, and unanswered questions left many disappointed.

The showrunners’ decision to focus on spectacle rather than plot and character development angered many viewers. The controversial ending overshadowed the series’ other accomplishments, including its strong writing, excellent performances, and breathtaking visuals. Despite its unsatisfying conclusion, Game of Thrones will be remembered as a groundbreaking television series.

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