10 Best Smart Home devices

Smart home devices and home automation is the future that sci-fi Hollywood movies promised to us. Making our lives simpler just with the touch of a button, There are thousands of smart devices in the market that enables us to control our home without even moving a bit. There are so many great devices that we cannot put on our list. So we made a list of 10 of the smart home devices that every smart home should have.

10 –Robotic Vacuums

best smart devices

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Are you tired of dragging your old and regular vacuum cleaner around your house all the time? Today’s smart home automation has come very far in making your life much easier for you. Smart vacuum cleaners or Robotic Vacuum cleaners are also one of those devices which do your work for you. Integrated with a lot of sensors and artificial intelligence you don’t even have to command them (of course you can control them anyway), just with a press of a button they are ready to clean all the floors by themselves.

9 –Smart TV

best smart devices

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The definition of a smart tv has very much changed today, it’s just not about the picture quality or do they have the internet connectivity or not anymore. Today’s smart televisions can do most of the job just by gestures. You can command them with your voice and can record your multiple favorite tv shows automatically. And With the internet connectivity and preloaded applications like Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime…. you can watch your favorite tv show anytime.

8 –Smart Cooking devices

best smart devices

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Watching cooking tutorials on Youtube and cooking those recipes in your kitchen is not the same thing, and we all know that. With most people, the main problem appears when you have to cook for more people and you don’t know how many spoons of the ingredient you have to put in your recipe or for how long you have to cook it. Sometimes we just burn our food or overcook it. There are a lot of smart cooking devices you can buy online which will help you to become the overnight MasterChef. These devices will help you with not just cooking but will handle the temperatures, automatically sets the timer and can even tell you how many calories are there in your food.

7 –Smart Security

best smart devices

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Security is from one of the major goals of home automation, while thievery and breaking into houses has been increased by 30% in the last 10 years, it is important to have some security precautions. If your security camera can only record then you have to change your regular security camera with a smart security camera. Smart security cameras can do more than just recording, you can see who’s at your door even when you’re not home. These cameras are embedded with many sensors and also saves power by going into sleep mode but do not worry they automatically wake up if there’s someone at the door. They even send you a notification right into your smartphone if in case you are not at homes.

6 –Smart Lights

best smart devices

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The regular white led bulbs are great to illuminate your house but in the age of smart devices, they are boring and old. Many reputable brands are offering smart bulbs that can connect to your device, can change colors, and you can also set the lighting according to your mood. You can also sync them with your smart speakers, can give voice commands and can have that disco feel right in your home.

5 –Smart Thermostats

best smart devices

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Smart thermostats are the devices which allow you to control the temperature and other smart devices in your home. These smart thermostats make it easy to control your comfort in every room of the house as well as maximize energy efficiency.When the sensors realize you are not at home, they will automatically adjust the temperature to “away” settings which helps conserve energy.

4 –Smart Scales

best smart devices

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Smart scales are the modern replacements for old weighing scales. Most of these types of scales use bioelectrical impedance. That is to say, they send a safe and very low electrical current through the lower half of the body. Since the electrical current flows more quickly through water and muscle than bone or fat, the scale measures the speed of the current. These smart scales are great for monitoring your BMI, fat, water, muscle mass, bone composition, as well as pregnancy. The info also gets sent to an app on your smartphone for easy access.

3 –Smart Plugs

best smart devices

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Smart plugs are the devices that make any device smart. At the heart of the internet of things at a basic level, a smart plug can communicate wirelessly with your smartphone and can be switched on or off based on presets. It can also sense you approaching your home and can turn on or off on the device that it is connected with. You can also set timers which come in very handy when you need to charge your smartphone.

2 –Smart Speakers

best smart devices

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Many brands are emerging in the smart home space, smart speakers such as Alexa and Google Home gave many people their first experience with the power of smart home technology. Their voice-controlled assistant, responds to commands to not only play music but based on the other devices you have connected such as thermostats and lighting, you can control other areas of your home without even leaving your couch. These devices also keep improving their skills over time and update themselves each time you put in new information.

1 –Smart Home Helpers

best smart devices

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Smart vacuum cleaners are just one part of the story. These smart home helpers can connect to your smartphone and you can operate them from your comfort zone. From wifi-enabled washing machines to robot lawnmowers. Refrigerators that can tell you what items you are short on, basically there are smart home devices for every house need. So which smart device did you like the most tell us in the comment section.

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