10 Pets Who Killed Their Owners

After all the killing and deaths by exotic pet animals, For some people its hard to believe that wild animals always are wild. Most of the deaths and killings by pets are from America. Even with training and domestication, pets have been known to turn on their owners. Sadly, this is all the more common with exotic animals that are difficult or impossible to train, such as lions, bears, and snakes. Down below is the list of deaths of owners by their pets. So if you own a python , a lion or any other exotic animal this list is surely not for you.

10 –Pet Python Strangles Owner

owner killed by pets

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In August, 31-year-old British man Dan Brandon was found lifeless in his apartment next to his gigantic Burmese python. Brandon had many pet snakes in his home, but apparently this python escaped its cage. The coroner determined that he died from asphyxiation.

9 – Mauled By Pet Bear

owner killed by pets

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Kelly Ann Walz, 37, was pronounced dead at the scene in rural north-eastern Pennsylvania, according to Tim Conway, an information and education supervisor with the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Her husband had a license to house exotic wildlife, which also included a tiger, lion and jaguar, but the license had expired a year earlier. Walz’s children witnessed the horrific attack and a neighbor shot and killed the bear as it was mauling her.

8 – Bitten To Death By Pet Hippo

owner killed by pets

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A South African farmer has been killed by the his hippopotamus in 2011. The 40-year-old farmer raised Humphrey from the age of five months, after the young hippo was stranded during a flood.
Currently six years old, the hippo lives in a specially-built dam on the farm.

7 – Python Strangles Toddler

owner killed by pets

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In 2011, Jaren Hare and Jason Damell were found guilty of third degree murder, manslaughter and child neglect after their pet python strangled a 2-year-old girl. Two years earlier, Hare’s two-year-old daughter Shaianna was strangled by the couple’s pet albino Burmese python. The snake was severely underweight at 13-pounds, when a snake of its size should weigh around 150 pounds. The snake escaped it’s enclosure and attacked the girl in her crib.

6 – Pet Lion Kills Owner

owners killed by pets

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Michal Prasek owned the nine-year-old big cat and another lioness for breeding, reportedly drawing concern from local residents. Mr Prasek’s father found his body in the lion’s cage and told local media it had been locked from the inside. A police spokesperson told local media that the shootings were “absolutely necessary for them to get to the man”.

5 – Death By Pet Bull

pets who kiled their owners

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We hear of Spanish matadors being gored by bulls in the ring all the time. But this incident happened much closer to home. In 2010, a 52-year-old Pennsylvania man named Ricky Weinhold was killed by his pet one-ton bull. The animal reportedly had caused trouble before when it broke some of Weinhold’s ribs the year before.

4 –Death By Dog In Front Of BBC

pets who killed their owners

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A Staffordshire Bull Terrier that was suspected to have eaten crack cocaine mauled and killed its owner while he was filming a documentary on drugs with British news channel BBC. In early September, Mario Perivoitos of England was being interviewed by a BBC film crew for a documentary named Drugs Map Britain. While the cameras were off, Perivoitos Staffordshire bull terrier, Major, had attacked Perivoitos. Major also tested positive for cocaine, which he probably ingested in Perivoitos’ apartment. Not all the deaths on this list were caused by exotic animals. Sometimes man’s best friend can turn into man’s worst nightmare.

3 – Death By Viper

pets who killed their owners

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Keeping an extremely poisonous pit viper as a pet is probably not the brightest idea. Unfortunately, this poor judgment call cost a 44-year-old Ohio woman named Alexandria Hall her life. In 2004, Hall was bit by her urutu pit viper and she was actually able to drive herself to the hospital. Sadly, she died a week later.

2 –Tiger Mauls His Owner

pets who killed their owners

Photo credit:thestar

In 2010, 66-year-old Norman Buwalda was killed by a 650-pund Siberian tiger he kept on his property in Ontario. Buwalda’s neighbors had previously petitioned to get the tigers on the property removed as one of Buwalda’s tigers had attacked a boy five years before this incident.

1 –Killed by Hybrid Wolf Dogs

pets who killed their owners

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Pennsylvania woman Sandra Piovesan kept nine half-wolf, half-dog hybrids as pets, insisting they gave her “unqualified love.” She lived alone with dozens of animals, including the wolf dogs. She was found dead in the animals’ enclosure with multiple injuries, and the wolf dogs were put down. So which one do you think was the most brutal death tell us in the comment section.

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