10 Things Only Super Rich can afford

The only reason people are nice to me is because I have more money than God. Uncle Scrooge loves diving into his ocean of money. Yes, we know that. But what do real rich people spend their money on. By buying an Island or a billion dollar home? Well, obviously there are many things that rich people can buy. But some things are above insanity, Here are 10 things that only rich people can afford.

10 – Carve name on a Island

Super Rich people

There’s wealthy and then there’s Arab Sheikh wealthy. Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, a member of the royal family carved his name on a private island he owns in such a way, that it could be seen from outer space . He later got it removed. But it still proves, carving your name in such a huge scale is the new ‘peeing to mark one’s territory.

9 – Doomsday-proof Housing

doomsday house

There are some rich folks who are scared of not-so-rich people gunning for their wealth once the world economy collapses, or when the world suffers from a nuclear winter. To protect themselves, the super-rich are apparently building Dommsday-proof luxury housing underground in some parts of the world. The Vivos Europa One in Germany is one such project. They’re also building an underground luxury condo somewhere in the Kansas Prairie. Do the elites know something we don’t?

8 –Gold pills that turn shit into gold

Super rich pills

You can’t just be super-rich and shit out normal people poop, right? (Yes, we live in a crazy world) These pills that cost $425 a pop and actually makes your poop gold colored. Yep, for the man who has everything, all that remains is gold poop. Have $425 on you? Now you can feel like a Lannister.

7 –Submarine sports car

submarine car

If you’re bored with buying your run-of-the-mill sports cars, you might want to follow the footsteps of people who buy fully functional aquatic sports car that can be driven on ocean beds. Because great white sharks are preferable to red lights, right?

6 – Kidnap Insurance

kidnap insurance

Being super-rich also means that you might end up in the radar of kidnapping rings that dabble in the art of earning quick bucks through ransom. Which is why some loaded people buy kidnap insurance when they travel to places that are considered risky. And no, it’s not always that when you get kidnapped, and your insurance just pays for your ransom. Sometimes, they just send a badass SWAT- like rescue team to get you out.

5 – Supremely expensive phones

expensive phones

When us lesser mortals are buying a new phone, we usually go for functionality and/or design, but what do you do when you already have all the latest ones? Well, how about a gold-plated iPhone or a Vertu phone where the ringtones are special editions of classical tracks performed by the London Symphony Orchestra?

4 –Russian cigarettes with golden filters

gold  filter

If you’re a rich smoker and you want to brag about how loaded you are, what you smoke also matters. And thanks to the trade embargoes against Cuba that existed all these years, you can’t just flaunt the illegal stash of Cuban cigars you’ve scored. So you turn towards cigarettes that most other people would only dream of. Sobranie is one of the most famous luxury tobacco names in the business. And guess what? Their filters are made out of gold foil.

3 –$3.5 Million Bathroom

Super rich people

The advantage of being super rich, and not just rich, is being able to bling out your entire house (if I’m being technical). That is exactly what jeweler Lam Sai-Wing of Hong Kong did when constructing the most expensive bathroom in the world. The bathroom cost Sai-Wing over $3.5 million. Perhaps fitting for a jeweler, the bathroom consists of over 6,000 gemstones, ranging from sapphire, ruby and amber. Every fixture in the bathroom (bath tub, sinks, toilets and so forth) was also made of gold. As a result, the project also required 380 kilograms of pure gold in order to be completed.

2 –Gold Toilet Paper

Super rich stuff

You cannot get more “look at how rich I am” than this. Everyone needs to use the washroom, but imagine if every roll ran you $1.3 million? The toilet paper promises to have golden flakes fall to your floor as you use the product. Is that a benefit? It sounds like it might be a hassle to clean up? That being said, provided this was your go-to brand, you are literally flushing millions of dollars down the drain every single year. Does it really get more extravagant than that?

1 – Superyacht

Super Rich Yacht

What is something that separates the rich from the super rich? How big is your yacht? Oh what’s that? You don’t own a yacht? Oh….There gets to be a point where you realize you will never run out of money, so you may as well splurge on different types of transportation! Nothing can burn a hole in your never-emptying bank account like a beautiful yacht. For example, the biggest yacht in the world is set to cost over 1 billion USD. It will extend 728 feet long, 131 feet longer then the 2nd biggest yacht in the world. The “triple deuce” yacht will be set to be completed in 2018. The owner expects it to cost $20-30 million every year in general upkeep.


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